About Us

Meet Mike Stuart!

Mike started working in the print industry in 1994 and is one of the original members of the Impressions Team, joining in 1996. He is our Vice President of Marketing and leads our Marketing Team, while also maintaining an impressive sales base of customers. Mike's favorite part of his job is the relationships he develops with clients. His focus has always been "long term big picture relationships", and not just landing one specific order. Putting the customer needs first is reciprocated with loyalty and confidence in Impressions. A great many of his customers have also become friends. There's nothing better than that.

As far as his favorite Impressions things, Mike enjoys the camaraderie of the team. Many of us have worked together for years, and are like each other's second families. He enjoys working his way through the facility each morning, checking on customer projects, and checking in on fellow employees.

On the rare occasion he isn't at work, Mike does consulting as an Equine Racing consultant, helping clients select yearling race prospects at sales, as well as proposing mating suggestions to raise Quarter Horse runners. For 23 years, he and his husband, Bruce, have been extremely involved in their neighborhood association, helping promote their 'little piece of paradise", through annual home tours, as well as regular activities for the residents, and building a strong real estate market for the neighborhood. They have 3 grandkids in Colorado and love trips to see them, or their summer visits to OKC. Life is good. 

Say hello to Mike at info@impressionsprinting.com.