About Us

Meet Rhonda Westcott!

Rhonda acts as part of our Marketing Team. As our Content Creator, she is our staff writer and works to keep our social media outlets and website up to date. She creates our monthly You Can Do That! email blasts. When there is writing to be done, she is our go to team member. Her favorite part of the job is being able to create something out of nothing, with great creative freedom. Her favorite Impressions memories include all the end of year celebrations. From the Main Event parties to the beautiful VAST dinner, she has enjoyed all the team building each event provided.

When she's not writing, Rhonda enjoys spending time with her husband of 33 years, John, and her kids, Maverick, Sady, and Savanna. She is a fierce advocate for mental health, especially in children. She also has two grown children, John and Christina, and a granddaughter, Zahiya. 

Say hello to Rhonda at info@impressionsprinting.com.