About Us

Meet Bobby Garcia!

Bobby started working in printing in 2007 and joined Impressions Printing in 2011, as part of our illustrious Sales Support team. You will find him daily doing research on materials, generating estimates and greeting our customers with a smile. He says the best part about working at Impressions is working with our wonderful customers on a daily basis, helping them bring their print ideas to life. He enjoys working with the many varied personalities of his fellow co-workers, who make work fun. His favorite Impressions tradition is the celebration of each team member's birthday. That's something you don't see at many other companies our size. He considers his job a blessing and feel's privileged to make a difference in the lives of our customers. 

When he's not on the job, Bobby enjoys doing freelance design at home. He has been involved with helping a local ministry for the homeless community in OKC, including taking donations for food and clothing. The 2020 pandemic has not only put single people in the streets, but families, too. Along with that, his partner Angelus and he share their time with their three dogs. Whenever possible he loves keeping in touch and socializing with many wonderful friends.

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