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Meet Jason "JMAC" McWilliams!

Jason McWilliams is Vice President and Co-Owner of Impressions Printing and is a mainstay of our company. Jason got his start in printing in 1987 and joined Impressions in 2001. Jason is an incredible leader, managing our sales department and working tirelessly with customers to ensure they receive the best product available on time, every time. According to JMAC, the best part about working at Impressions is the awesome team of employees and great family environment. He enjoys helping each team member discover and work in their strengths. His goal at Impressions is to utilize technology, systems and training to help every team member work as efficiently and as happily as possible.  This enables us to create, produce and deliver great solutions to our clients, who are the whole reason we exist.

When he's not masterfully juggling time and resources at Impressions, you'll find JMAC spending time with his beautiful wife, Melodi, to whom he has been happily married for 32 years. He has three great kids and two married-into-the-family kids, as well as 4 adorable grandkids.  

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