About Us

Meet Mark Sabala!

Mark is an integral part of our Press Production Team. With a strong work ethic, affable personality, and a desire to do things well, Mark has been a terrific addition to the team, since 2016. Years of experience have helped him to easily acclimate to his work here and to execute it with aplomb.

Mark really appreciates being part of a team that is like family. Whenever a team member experiences a personal crisis, the others rally around and support them through it. He remembers a time personally, after both of his parents passed away within a short time. He came back to Impressions to a belated birthday party and the love and support of friends. You don't find that just anywhere.

When not at work, you can find Mark spending time with his lovely wife of 31 years, Karen. He has 3 daughters, 4 grand kids and a 14 year old Boston terrier.

Say hello to Mark at info@impressionsprinting.com.